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About Me


Born in Soliera (Modena), Italy, on October 22, 1953.

Citizenship: Italian.

Residence: Via Mario Piccinini 5 – 42013 Casalgrande (RE), Italy

Telephone: +39.348.2685739 and +39.0522.841799

E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]

Civil Status: Separate

One son: Federico, born on January 15, 1984.

Degree in Economics, University of Modena, 1979, grade: 110 “magna cum laude” out 110.

  • Research fee student at LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS AND POLITICAL SCIENCE, LONDON, with a scolarship by "Fondazione Luigi Einaudi" - Turin, continued at University of Modena. (1980)
  • Course and training of preparation to the exam for the qualifica¬tion to the profession of Chartered Public Accountant. (1985)
  • Diploma of Qualification to the profession of Chartered Public Accountant (DOTTORE COMMERCIALISTA) achieved in 1985 in the session of examination at Territory of Jurisdiction of the Law Court of Modena.
  • Member of the Register of Chartered Public Accountants appointed by the Court of Modena from January 13, 1986, position no. 762 A (ORDINE DEI DOTTORI COMMERCIALISTI DI REGGIO EMILIA - CONSIGLIO NAZIONALE DEI DOTTORI COMMERCIALISTI).
  • Member of the Italian Register of Auditors from December 23, 1992 (REGISTRO DEI REVISORI LEGALI).

English: fluent, professional knowledge

Spanish: professional knowledge

French: scholastic


Tax and accounting consultant for the Proton Therapy Project in Trento (Chartered Accountant).

Setting of the branch by the permanent establishment in Trento, Italy.

Accounting and tax advices for the activity in Italy: setting-up of the Italian gap, compliance with VAT and Income Taxes Italian regulations, managing of the monthly and yearly p&l and b&s reports

Solutions in cancer diagnosis, therapy. sterilization and ionization solutions for hygiene and safety

Turnover  13 millions euro

Employees : no. 39

Finance controller Italy – Consultant (Chartered Accountant)

Finance and accounting control, monthly and yearly balance sheets, profit & loss reports.

Monthly deviations analysis

Budget and plans.

Cash flow statement and forecast

Treasury and cash position

ARs aging and risk analysis

Credit control, ARs collections and APs payments

Implementation and putting in operation of the intermediate accounting and report system to load the figures from the local accounting system into the HFM system at level group.

Participation to the Anael’s implementation project

Chartered Public Accountants Associated Firm in Modena for some important their clients on:

Balance sheet and Profit & loss, Income tax and Vat tax returns processing,

Auditing and analysis of accounting system, data collecting, balance sheet and profit & losses processing at the client’s site in order to prepare business, development and crisis exit plans

Finance manager

Machineries and platforms to overcome architectonic barriers

Turnover 56 millions euro

Exports: 35% all over the world

Employees: no. 190

The company operates in Italian market (directly, with distributors and agents) and abroad with distributors: it has also three affiliated companies (Spain, France and UK) and a representative office in Poland.

Finance manager

Machineries and equip­ments for ceramic industry

Turnover 20 millions euro

Exports: 85% all over the world

Employees: no. 65

The company operated on Italian market and abroad with direct ex­ports and with two foreign affiliated companies in Spain and Portu­gal, with bonded warehouses in Mexico and Brasil and with resi­dent agents in all countries.

Finance manager

Public utilities company in Modena.

Electricity, water, methane gas, other public services.

Turnover 155 millions euro

Employees: no. 1,100.00.

The company operated in the territory of the province of Modena.


My role involved:

  • Economic and financial management and programming of the head-mother enterprise and of all the companies of the group abroad (including the starting-up of the foreign entities).
  • Coordination and organization of the team in administration, accounting, finance and risk credits areas.

My Assignments were:

  • Responsibility of the Accounting Department

Supervision, control and direct care of the work of the department in charge of keeping the general, financial and management accountings:

– organization of the administrative work,

– general accounting,

– balance sheets,

– statutory and fiscal requirements,

– arrangement of data for the reports required for the above men­tioned analysis.

  • Balance Sheet Analysis:

Profitability analysis in operating, financial and extraordinary runnings.

Decision analysis on financial management, control of the operating and financial leve­rages.

Cash flow statements and forecasts

Finance control in the foreign affilia­ted entities.

  • Support to the General Management

Activation and Management of: annual budget, recurrent controls, forecast, break – even point analyses, business plans, economic and financial implica­tions, investments: analysis of effective yield, cash flows, strategic opportunity, risks, costs of capital,

Continuous activity of reporting on all above to the Board of Directors.

  • Enterprise Treasury

Programming liquid assets: decision making on investment in case of surplus of liquidity or funding in case of lack of liquidity; functional organization in order to collect useful data from various enterprise functions.

Cash budgets and planning of financial flows.

Decision making on short, medium and long-term loans, soft and easy-terms loans.

Risk management: decision making on necessary exchange and inte­rest rates hedgings resulting from fluctuations in international markets.

Control on overdue credits.

  • Relationships with banks and credit institutions

Proposition, settlement and quantification of relationships, cre­dit lines and credit terms.

  • General Contractual management for the company (sales, purchases, risk management and various contractual conditions with third parties).
  • Relationships with various advisors: management consultant, fiscal consultant, lawyer, etc.
  • Information Technology:

IBM AS/400 with “ACG” Accountancy System, with several peripheral work units basic software for general, fi­nancial and management accountings (OMIS SPA and VIMEC SRL),


Microsoft software for all general additional functions (Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint),

Administration Director

Machineries, equipments and automatic plants for surface treatment of metals

Turnover 3 millions €

Exports: 30% in Europe

Employees: no. 16

The company operated in production and sales of industrial products with high avera­ge price, with special requirements of control on contractual and financial management of negotiations, of production order development and of final phases of assembling and testing.

My Assignments:

– general, financial and management accounting;

– financial programming;

– contractual management of sales and purchases;

– analysis of costs and proceeds;

– arrangement of annual economic and financial budgets;

– quarterly balance sheets during the year and an­nual balance sheet, related requirements;

– tax requirements during the financial year;

– personnel management and relations with social security;

– management in the development of the company structure, related contractual and tax fulfilments;

– periodic reporting to the Sole Administrator on the above mat­ters.

For all the described activity I was responsible of a team of 4-5 people.

Connected to this company I did manage a real estate investment company (economic and financial analysis, choice of long-term loans, balance sheets and related tax fulfilments) dedicated to build the new seat of the operative company.

I followed the profession of Chartered Public Accountant beeing consultant in financial and accounting management of some indu­strial and commercial companies.

Employee at the Bank Cassa di Risparmio di Modena: assigned to a branch and then to the Foreign Exchange Department.

Casalgrande (RE), December 8, 2014

Lamberto Casari