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Permanent establishment settlement, analysis of existence of the business parameters for permanent establishment (branch).

Choice of the most suitable set of accounts for the branch with regards to the business in Italy.

Choice of the accounting software completely fitted and always updated for the Italian companies’ and taxes laws.

Monthly reporting activity system to headquarter SAP/other centralized software.

International Standard Ruling procedures with italian Agenzia delle Entrate.

Transfer pricing system procedures

Income tax regulations IRES and IRAP compliance, detailed analysis of permanent and temporary variations, italian tax returns.

Expats staff/employees’ personal tax and social contributions fulfilments for their permanence in Italy.

Because in Italy you can find better skills, more talents, original and authentic creativity, handmade ability; all these values can become your profitable firm through your investments.

Chose for a dynamics structure focused on appreciation and enhancement of creativity and industry, for example the permanent establishment is a good solution as allows to combine necessity of control and low fixed costs.

I am a chartered accountant with large professional experience, grounded knowledge and necessary professional humility to deeply study any new case to find the specific solution in taxes and accounting field; I also have a long experience as finance manager and finance controller at important firms in various activities.

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% - Extraordinary period development


During critical periods of company’s life, a temporary, continuous and strong presence of a very skilled professional manager is required to support the ownership in the phase of preparing and an extraordinary development and reingenering business plan.

He is full-time operating inside the company for:

  • undertaking the required urgent reposnibilities to ensure continuity in the company management and avoid stalemates or power vacuums,
  • taking care for the daily efficiency necessary to implement the new business plan,
  • check and adjustment of the organization and accounting plants
  • applying the new company plan

I have a strenghtened experience in management and multidisciplinary advisory professional skills matured in several companies and industries, as chief financial officer and chartered accountant.